Are These Shoes Comfortable?

It is so important that we design shoes we can wear from sunrise to sunset. We have tested these shoes to ensure their longevity, durability and comfortability in a variety of destinations because we understand every woman has a different set of priorities.

From off-duty elegance that suits an office environment, to running around a playground with energetic children, these shoes have been ethical created for you to live your best, hectic, adventurous life!

Our First Steps

"I was once told to pursue my creativity. However, as I studied and worked in the fashion industry I witnessed extraordinary moments that made me realise there are consequences to creativity.

I never wanted to design a brand as a creative outlet, I wanted to make a positive impact on the environment and change the way we manufacture clothing throughout the world.

Consciously creating comfortable footwear from repurposed and alternative materials in a circular fashion" - Founder, Grace 

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People + Planet

We believe people and our planet should work together. As an ethically sustainable footwear brand, it is our responsibility to assist in this journey of support and preservation.

This is why we have also aligned with Share the Dignity, Upparel, and One Tree Planted. As these organisations embody shared values with the Lost Sols brand. 

To further this goal we also abide by the Business Social Compliance Initiative standards for the workplace. This certification ensures us that the offshore production team is treated ethically, paid fairly, and their workers’ rights are respected in a safe environment.

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Did You Know...

Australia is one of the biggest consumers of fast fashion, 85% of our unloved clothing can fill the Sydney Harbour Bridge annually. Most of these items have only been in our wardrobe for six months. This means Australia discards up to 935kg of clothing every minute.

The sad fact is that 95% of these textile materials can be recycled.

We provide a modern alternative to reuse our waste for a contemporary purpose.

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