Did you know...

10,219 litres of water are used to produce one cotton shirt and a pair of jeans? This is equivalent to one person drinking eight cups of water per day for thirteen years. In addition to this, Australia is one of the biggest consumers of fast fashion. 85% of consumed products get dumped in landfill each year (that’s enough to fill the Sydney harbour annually).


About us

In the past I have tried and tested many careers. Searching for that passion that wakes me up in the morning and fills my dreams at night.

People would roll their eyes at me, wonder when would I ever settle down and commit to something. What they didn’t realise was, as I navigated my way through my twenties I was looking for a purpose that not only set my souls on fire, but gives back to protect the planet.

First steps

In the beginning

The first sample for Lost Sols wasn’t a success. Either was the third or the fourth. Friends and family probably thought It was crazy, spending so much time dedicated to such an odd concept for a shoe. However, throughout all the sampling, testing, and experimenting, we discovered our style.

So, this is a reminder to explore outside the normal. Don’t suppress your imagination in fear that someone will doubt you!


Our goal

Our commitment is not only to design tran-seasonal footwear for your wardrobe, but to use materials that are recycled, reused, or repurposed. We are now in a technological age where we can dream bigger, think outside the box and use materials we could never have dreamt of using before. With this in mind our mission is to create a sustainable footwear industry.

Our dream is to live in a world where everyone walks sustainably.

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