Does Your Wardrobe Reflect Your Energy?

We are now in a new chapter of our lives. We knuckled down and accepted the new normal as COVID-19 swept through our world. Working from home became the new routine and comfortable clothes which started as a necessity, have quickly become a wardrobe staple.  

However, as we shape our goals for 2021, I think it's time too curate a wardrobe to suit.

I recently read "Girls Raise The Bar" By Chris Brazel. Within the first few chapters she writes how we are associating black with too many aspects of our lives. It has become a colour for mourning, profession and celebration. She believes this colour detracts from you and does not provide you with life and energy...I definitely agree with this!  

Indeed, she is not the only person who believes colour shapes our moods. In an interview with No Filter (by Mia Freedman), Zoe Foster-Blake stated if you are ever in a crappy mood, throw on a colour jumper and bright shade of lipstick to pick you up. 

The reason I bring this to your attention is that we do not know what the future holds for 2021. We can plan, prepare and dream, however, we will need to keep adapting until we can wave goodbye to COVID-19. In order to keep our spirits high, our recommendation for this year is to ‘live colourfully’. 

It's time we push all our black and grey garments to the back of the wardrobe and bring forward our florals and pastels. Trade our neutral makeup for bold and dashing palettes. 

Let's brighten up our world! 

We have researched our favourite colours and discovered the energy they create. Along with these recommendations, we have selected our favourite collections that radiate these moods. Test it out and let us know if your energy changes throughout the week. 


If you are looking to radiate warmth, joy, balance, and success, throw a touch of orange into your style guide. This colour is life-changing as it helps unblock mindset and emotions. Jump into Peony Swimwear's newest Le Jardins collection to emanate this energy.


This colour creates energy of happiness and optimism. It helps radiate creativity and clarity. One of our favourite collections that hero's this colour is Spell and The Gypsy Collection's 2019 Lioness campaign.


If you are searching to generate growth, balance and renewal, this is the colour for you. Bring a touch of green from Zulu and Zephyr to your wardrobe and harmonise you mood and heal your mindset.


Purple is the colour of peace, independence and magic. Slip into this enchanting colour if you are wanting to generate creativity and calming energy throughout your week. Our ideal purple pieces are found in the relaxed and comfortable lullaby club collection.

It may help your mindset, it may have no affect. However, I am willing to try anything if it brightens up someone’s day!