How Egg Shells Can Help Your Plants Grow

We are taking composting to the next level - once you crack your eggs and scrambled them onto your sourdough, what do you typically do with the shells? Our guess is you throw them into the compost or bin. Well, stop right there! because we have a sustainable kitchen hack that will put those shells to good use.

Did you know that calcium is like the construction worker of the plant world? It's the one responsible for making sure all those cell walls are properly built and ready for new growth!

But, just like any construction site, things can go awry if there's a shortage of supplies. In this case, if there's not enough calcium, new tissue in the roots, leaves, and shoots may come out looking all kinds of wonky. It's like trying to build a house with no tools! 

But, how do you add this nutrient into the plants...Did you know that eggs shells are packed with calcium - Follow the instructions below to provide your plants this much needed nutrient! 

Place your cracked eggs into a food processor.

    Blitz them until they form a fine powder.

    Sprinkle this powder around the soil of your plants.