How To Reduce Your Waste At Christmas

Did you know our waste increases by around 30% at Christmas? Between the 150,000 km of wrapping paper we use and the five million tonnes of food we throw away, this festive season can feel overwhelming with its amount of waste. 

However, instead of pausing the Christmas feast, this is the perfect opportunity to share our tips to reduce your waste for this time of year!

1. Buy a real tree
This is the first year Christian and I had to purchase Christmas decorations. However, instead of heading down the Christmas isle of Big W, we decided to mix it up and buy a real Christmas tree from our local nursery.

2. Natural decorations
To keep the natural theme going in our house we swapped out the sparkling decorations and bought a bunch of Huckleberry Flowers to decorate our tree. 

3. Recycled wrapping paper
I was shocked when I heard that we use enough wrapping paper to wrap around the Earth’s equator nearly four times. So, this year we will be wrapping our present with recycled wrapping paper and fabric from my sewing box.

4. Save the leftovers
My family and I have been leftover lovers for years! We will spend days grazing on food from our Christmas lunch. However, this year we will also be freezing it or creating goodie bags for our guest to take leftovers home with them.

5. Wear a pre-loved or sustainable outfit
Everyone buying a new Christmas day outfit produces the same amount of C02 emissions as 56 million cars on the road per day. While I understand this is a loved tradition, my suggestion is shop sustainable this year for that dress.

6. Ask for wish list

I know this sounds cringe-worthy, but as a nation we are spending $11 billion dollars on Christmas presents and 20 million people are receiving unwanted gifts during this time. So, instead of guessing what to buy your loved one, have a conversation and get them something they will love!

Overall, we want you to have a magical Christmas Day - if you can protect the planet in the process that is an additional bonus!