It felt like I was back at the beginning

The next chapter of this story is similar to the beginning, although there was a silver lining I am eternally grateful for to this day.

I had said goodbye to what I thought would be one of the best career decisions of my twenties. However, I was fortunate enough to get my original job back as a Quality Control Assistant at Grace Loves Laces.

During my first day I was full of nerves and I kept repeating in my head "keep quiet, keep to yourself and stay focused on the job in front of you." The combination of these words and the supportive women within the office, kept me calm and centred for the next five months. This was needed as I was clueless with where to take my career.

I was a mixture of emotions as I plugged in a podcast every day, wanting to be inspired. As I checked the wedding dresses that came across my desk I would continuously brainstorm business ideas, alternate career paths and future endeavours that lingered on my "Life To-do List".

Some moments I would be full of eagerness to pack up my bag and buy a one-way ticket to London. Other times I wanted to enrol in a florist course and open a store back in my hometown.

Then one day my boss called me into her office. She presented me with two options within the company. Option one was to learn more about production, and discover my skill set for pattern making and manufacturing. As I listened in about the role, I must admit it didn't fill me with excitement. However option two was a dream come true.

She often me a position as Customer Service and Social Media Assistant for a new sister brand within the company. Before she could close the pitch I was sold!

Creating content was always a hobby as a child. I would always be playing around on the computer creating terrible remix music and videos with my amateur photography. My mum would always beg me to go outside and explore, but if I reflect on my childhood, this interest in digital creativity would begin the foundations for my future career.

However, I had no degree and no previous experience for this new position. Just an eagerness to learn and a colleague who was just as inspired as me to bring this brand to life (who I still work very closely with today, check out her beautiful work on The Written Word Co).

The designs were elegant, ethical and timeless. A unique style born into the fashion world. Although, it took more than beautiful designs to pave the way for this brand. Leah and I would hustle every week to learn as much as we could to build brand awareness and increase conversions.

Amongst the photoshoots, meetings, influencers and events we found our marketing style. On reflection it was the best education a girl could ask for. I not only gained hands on marketing experience, but I got my first taste of working in a start-up. Which I believe is knowledge that every business owner needs.

Even though the brand focused on timeless, keepsakes for your wardrobe, the business had other areas to focus on. Importantly, I did not want this to be the end of my marketing career. I was passionate about creativity.

Plus, I wanted to weave these sustainable values into my future. So, how does one go from no degree to recycled shoe brand?