Let's Make A Difference To End Period Poverty

From period underwear to menstrual cups, a woman's cycle has definitely been made easier over the last few years. However, not every woman is lucky enough to have access to these essential products.

This sounds crazy as our menstrual cycles are a natural component of our bodies, so why is there a cost attached to it?

Period poverty affects over 500 million people globally. This absence of access to menstrual education, sanitary items, and bathrooms, is sadly the norm for 17% of women in Australia and results in them being unable to leave their home.

As women, we should never feel helpless and stressed trying to find the finances for our periods. After all, this is a moment in our monthly routine to celebrate, release our emotions (good or bad), and cherish our bodies. Periods are empowering!

So, how do we help the thousands of women battling period poverty?

Share The Dignity was established in 2015, after founder Rochelle Courtenay was volunteering at homeless shelters and noticed women going without the essentials during their menstrual cycles. Now, in 2021, she has grown this incredible charity to be nationwide. With the assistance from the 5,500 Shero volunteers, they have distributed 600,000 #itsinthebag packages, installed 250 period product vending machines, and donated three million sanitary products.

Just like last year, we are teaming up with Share The Dignity for their #itisinthebag campaign. Starting today until the end of November, 10% from all our sales will be used to fill bags with sanitary products for women experiencing homelessness and period poverty within Australia.

We encourage everyone in our community to assist this amazing charity. From donating money, tampons, a bag, or even sharing posts, all contributions help this movement.

Check out Share the Dignity to get involved and help them give those the dignity they deserve!

"When someone is doing it tough, the last thing on their minds should be dealing with their period." - Share the Dignity