Share the Dignity

"When someone is doing it tough, the last thing on their minds should be dealing with their period." - Share the Dignity

When you woke up this morning to get ready for the day, how many different products did you use? Now, think about how many of those products are essential for your day. I guarantee you it wouldn't be much and it wouldn’t be expensive. 

Sadly, there are women going every day without deodorant, tampons, or pads - essential products that we take for granted. However, Share the Dignity wants to change this, because access to sanitary products should be a right, not a privilege.

An amazing concept for a charity, but how did this begin?

Well, starting with her local community in 2015, founder Rochelle Courtenay started distributing sanitary items to homeless shelters after she noticed women going without the essentials during their menstrual cycles. She has now grown this charity to be nationwide, with a collective of 5,000 volunteers. Share the Dignity has donated over 2,000,000 pads and tampons, 4,487 menstrual cups, and 517,918 bags to Homeless women across Australia. 

This year we want to do our part for Share the Dignity’s November #itsinabag campaign. For the month of November, 10% from all our sales will be used to fill bags with sanitary products for women experiencing homelessness within Australia.

However, even if you do not purchase a pair of shoes through our store, we still encourage everyone to donate. If it's money, tampons, a bag or even a shared post, any contribution will help the movement to end period poverty. 

If this spiked your interest and you are ready to create a bag, we have compiled a list of sustainable products to donate.

Check out Share the Dignity to get involved and help them give those the dignity they deserve!