Sustainable Goals for 2021

My mentor once told me, “if your business is not growing, it is shrinking.”
We hold these words close and read them aloud every time we make plans for Lost Sols' future. We have no interest in launching a brand and not continuously revolutionising this industry. Our goal is to always be inventing weird, wonderful recycled and sustainable products. We want to shock the world with our design and demonstrate pathways for change.
These styles were only the starting point and as we enter 2021 full of hope and creativity, we want to share how we are adapting and changing our business for the better.
New Products
We love designing footwear out of rubbish, but that was only our gateway drug into the sustainable world. The fashion industry is full of many products that are yet to be redesigned out of reusable materials. So, as crazy and creative souls, we are working hard in researching different materials and new products we can bring to the market. Watch this space as we build out our store with scraps and junk that you will want to wear through every season.
Carbon Neutral Company
We are still amazed we can create a product out of rubbish - uttering those words aloud always makes us smile. However, we still use valuable resources during shipping and we want to neutralise this impact. To do this, we need to offset our carbon emission. 
We want to take it one step further and refurbish our country with every order. Simply put, with every shoe sold we will plant a tree.
Become a Circular Brand
We take recycled resources and reuse them for a new purpose. Although we love this concept, we want to become a circular company. Instead of disposing your old shoes, we want to collect them and return them back to our manufacturer to break down and rebuild into new footwear for the future.
Align with a Charity
Since the beginning, we have always wanted to align with a charity to give back and help our wider community. Following our launch this year, this is very high on the list of goals for 2021.
Design 100% Compostable Packaging
Currently, all our packaging is made from recycled materials (except our compostable mailbags). For some reason we love the idea of our customers receiving their shoes and throwing our packaging in their vegetable patch or garden. Just like disposing a tea bag, we want our packaging to take 90 days to break down.