The Must-have Summer Essentials for 2021

The warmer months are just around the corner. Even though I have grown attached to track pants and knitted jumpers, I have finally come to terms with the fact I need to look forward and see what my wardrobe is missing for summer.

Growing up in Northern NSW and now living on the Gold Coast, there are a few essential items I can't live without over summer (as the humidity can get overwhelming!). 

However, I understand everyones’ summer conditions may vary slightly to mine. But with this in mind I have created a list of my go-to sustainable products that I will be using/wearing this summer.

1. The All Day Loungewear Set

Why loungewear? Because it is a combination of effortless style and comfort. Plus, linen is ideal for the hot days as the material is breathability and moisture management is on point! My favourite linen pieces are from the irresistible Lullaby Club.

2. Reef Safe Sunscreen

Some sunscreen products contain Oxybenzone, Benzophenon and Octinoxate, chemicals which ooze into the water while we are swimming and are absorbed by the coral. Up to 14,000 tonnes of sunscreen is washed into the ocean every year, this is why it is so important to use reef safe sunscreen, to not only protect you, but protect our ocean.

3. The Ultimate Sun Hat

Two reasons why you need a straw hat. Firstly, they are super helpful to stay sun safe, and secondly can hide any bad hair day 😅. However, before you buy the first hat you see, may I recommend to you Will & Bear ? These are consciously created headwear that also helps our planet by donating trees to assist with reforestation. 

4. Sand Free Beach Towels

Have you ever come home from the beach and had a car full of sand? It is quite common in our household for Christian to get annoyed at me (and Bosco) for bringing sand inside. So, to keep more sand granules at the beach we suggest using a sand free beach towel made from recycled plastics.

5. Cute Recycled Slides

Yes, I had to name drop my own brand in this blog, because our collection of recycled slides are the quintessential footwear accessories you will need this summer. Lightweight, durable and will cultivate your everyday style!

6. Effortless Maxi Dress 

We all know those evenings when you are getting ready for a night of canapés and cocktails, but it is too hot to straighten your hair, apply makeup and find something lightweight and elegant to wear. This is when the effortless maxi dress flies in to save your wardrobe crisis!

7. Smoothie Tumbler

If I could describe the taste of summer, it would be a combination of salt air and fresh fruit. A necessity for my daily juice run will be partnered with a glass smoothie tumbler this season to reduce my disposable waste.

8. Adorable Swimmers

Every September I start looking for a pair of swimmers; however, I always end up purchasing the same simple black bikini. This year I want to branch out from the boring swimwear and add a fun pattern into my summer wardrobe...I'm thinking Peony 🤔

9. Delicious Margarita Mix

Let's be honest, margaritas are not restricted to one season. However, they are super refreshing after a day of sunshine. Shaking my cocktails up from home with Mr Consistent.

10. A Really Good Book

Last but certainly not least on my list, is a good book! I have a bad habit of starting a book and never reading it through to the end. Although this is the season for change and I am starting with Jessie Stephens new book Heartsick.