The Imperfect Environmentalist

The other evening, I was sitting at my computer (with a glass of wine), trying to organise our content, blogs and EDMs for the week...and for some strange reason it hit me. I was trying to make it "too perfect", but that's not what life is about. I was hiding our humour and dorky nature because I was worried of what people would think. 

However, that doesn't align with the brand. The thought process behind Lost Sols was to revolutionise an area of this industry that I believe was a mess. 

In that moment I turned to Christian and said "I don't want to add to this ‘perfect and over saturated’ market. I want to encourage people to lose the filters and live boldly with their flaws." 

Our goal is not to advise in making dramatic changes in your life and let out your inner eco-warrior. Rather, our mission is to educate by starting a conversation about how we can improve the state of the world, and in this process, add our sass and wittiness.

We have all had those moments, when we have forgotten our keep cup, used a plastic straw, forgot to recycle that bottle, or used the plastic bags at the supermarket for our fruit and vegetables.  

We can't all be the perfect environmentalist (or people). But let's zoom out and get perspective. A million people attempting to look after the planet is better than a handful of people committing to being 100% eco-friendly.

We will never put anyone down for trying to make the world a better, happier and kinder place. 

The turning point for me started six years ago, on a trip to Bali. My fashion design class had won a government grant to travel over and learn about off-shore manufacturing. It was truly confronting. We saw chickens running through tiny factories, men up to their knees in blue dye and polluted water washing out onto the streets. 

This was my lightbulb moment. I knew any brand I would start needed to help the environment - not add to the waste.

Beyond being 100% recyclable, Lost Sols still has many other sustainability goals we want to achieve. Through this process of creating a movement for the fashion industry, we may make a mess and laugh at ourselves – that’s exciting and authentic.

At the end of the day, ‘perfect’ isn’t attainable. Even if we spend our whole life attempting to do the right thing by everyone and everything, we will make mistakes. We are only human.

Let's stop demonising our flaws and celebrate the moments of positive impact.