What We Loved From Australian Fashion Week

Nothing beats the energy and creativity of fashion week! When I studied Fashion, I remember huddling around the computer swooning over the flamboyant colours and timeless silhouettes that left the class craving more (Our poor teacher was probably frustrated, as she just wanted to teach the class).

So, this week (even though we are slightly late to the conversation) we had to share our team's favourite runway looks from Australian Fashion Week.

1. Oh Oroton how you captured our hearts with your colour palettes and pastel prints, we could not look away.

2. We were completely in love with Aje's elegant fabrics, dramatic sleeves and bold frills embedded into the panel lines.

3. Sass & Bide illustrating multiple elements of texture and colour that became an  expression of design.

4. Hansen & Gretel's mix and match of prints and textures is everything we dream of for a fashion show.

5. Lastly, the most incredible collection from Clea Galeria. We would like one of everything in our wardrobe please!