What will our ocean look like in 20 years?

"Cherish the natural world, because you're a part of it and you depend on it." - David Attenborough

If you have spent a holiday by the ocean, brushed your sandy feet after a day at the beach, or admired marine life from a far, it is time to listen up!

Our ocean covers 71% of the Earth's surface – an ecosystem sustaining 228,450 known species. Unfortunately, one in three of these species that inhabit our ocean are entangled in plastic waste.

Over 90% of marine birds have been found with plastic in their stomach, affecting 267 different species. The presence of ingested plastic commonly results in blocked digestive systems for the animals and infections that ultimately lead to drowning or starvation.

Due to the eight million tonnes of plastic we dump in our ocean each year, it is no surprise that our ocean is predicted to contain more plastic than fish in the year 2050.

As beautiful as our marine life is, it is not the only reason for looking after our ocean. The Earth's water assists us in the fight to reduce carbon dioxide within our atmosphere - absorbing up to 40% of our CO2.

When these numbers are stacked against us, it can feel intimidating. However, if we take it upon ourselves to reduce our waste in a small way, it can make a huge difference.

Below are five brands to help you reduce your plastic pollution in our ocean.