Why Rainforests Are An Important Part Of Our Future

Are you that type of person who wakes up ready to discover a waterfall and dreams of spending every spare moment bushwalking?

Growing up, I was that person. Weekends spent with either family or friends exploring the local rainforests and swimming in the waterfalls. It was a significant part of my childhood.

Known as the oldest ecosystem on the planet, rainforests cover 6% of the Earth's surface and are home to half the world's plants and animals.

Unfortunately, due to deforestation our rainforest are seeing an increase to greenhouse gases, a disruption in the regular water cycle and a loss of 70% of its plants and animals. This then leads to soil erosion and coastal flooding.

Although, some days I may get an overwhelming feeling of environmental anxiety, I do believe it is not too late to pause the damage and repair our planet. This can be achieved by educating people about the long term impacts of deforestation, demonstrate ways to live more eco-consciously, and support charities whose mission is to preserve rainforests.

But, how rude it would be for us to encourage change without leading the way?

Starting this month we have aligned with One Tree Planted, a non-profit charity with a mission to protect biodiversity and help with global reforestation. So, to assist in cleaning the air we breathe, filtering our drinking water and preserving habitats that house animals, plants and microorganisms we have partnered with One Tree Planted.

For every pair of shoes sold, we will plant a pair of trees.

Reforestation will help in protecting our planet’s biodiversity and help provide jobs for over 1.6 billion people. It will also assist in creating 25% of key ingredients for medicines and absorb harmful carbon dioxide. So, really it's a win, win!

After reading my ramblings about why rainforests are an important part of our future, here is how you can make changes in your day-to-day life that will help make a change:

1. Donate trees to One Tree Planted;

2. Educate yourself about the impact of deforestation;

3. Choose biodegradable products over plastic;

4. Eat a couple of plant-based meals a week;

5. Recycle;

6. Purchase responsibly-sourced products;

7. Reduce your carbon footprint in your travel plans;

8. Choose electronic mail over letters;

9. Volunteer with a charity whose mission is to protect the rainforests; and,

10. Use less paper.