Why We Create Styles, Not Collections.

It is very common for clothing or footwear brands to release collections, and as I worked and studied in this industry, I thought it was the norm for many years. Indeed, I was excited that I could live in this world of creativity without consequences. There is magic in that design room; colour palettes, trends, ideas, forecasting and product development - I was in my element.

But there is another side to this industry, and it is not so glamorous. I have seen factory workers up to their knees in dyed pools of water. I have sat in on meetings where profit is more important than the impact of shipping and manufacturing.

It wasn't until I worked for a leader in Australian-made fashion, Grace Loves Laces, that I understood the importance of timeless, considerate designing. As I was surrounded by thoughtful, talented women, I discovered the importance of designing styles, not trends.

This is why it is so important to this company, to design classic pieces and not seasonal collections. We spend months considering what materials to use, and working with suppliers to create mindful creations. I want our designs to stay in your wardrobe for years to come and not end up in landfill - unlike the other 85% of fast-fashion consumed products.

It is time to make the slow fashion movement a reality.

As we call to the big brands to change how and what they manufacture, we can also make the shift in our own lives, by indulging in sustainable brands when you need some retail therapy.

Below are our favourite Australian brands when we feel like treating ourselves.