Would You Rather

Would you rather buy coffee in a takeaway cup or keep cup? Wipe your makeup off with cotton balls or reusable wipes? Drink your cocktails with a plastic straw or no straw?

Let me propose another hypothetical, would you still buy coffee in a takeaway cup, knowing to produce and ship that cup results in the creation of 0.11 kilograms of CO2 emissions? It also adds to the one billion takeaway cups dumped in landfill each year, taking 50 years to break down.

Would you still purchase your cotton balls to wipe makeup off of your face, if you knew that 10,000 litres of water is used to produce one kilogram of cotton?

Would you still order your cocktail at happy hour knowing after 30 minutes, that straw will join another ten million dumped straws that day? Keep in mind, after a one time use these take 200 years to break down.

Three simple things we don’t think twice about; however, maybe it is time we should.

The world is not built to sustain all this waste. If we want the next generation to grow up with the idyllic sandy beaches, grand gushing waterfalls and the connected ecosystems, it is time to do something. 

So, use that last bag of cotton balls and invest in some reusable face wipes. Order a keep cup online tonight or consider ordering your coffee from a cafe that uses biodegradable cups. Let’s be honest…who needs a straw in a cocktail anyway!