Lost Sol’s mission is to create a sustainable footwear industry. 

"I was once told to pursue my creativity. However, as I studied and worked in the fashion industry I witnessed extraordinary moments that made me realise there are consequences to creativity.

I never wanted to design a brand as a creative outlet, I wanted to make a positive impact on the environment and change the way we manufacture clothing throughout the world.

Consciously creating comfortable footwear from repurposed and alternative materials in a circular fashion" - Founder, Grace 

Australia is one of the biggest consumers of fast fashion in the world. After six months from purchase, one-third of these products are in landfill. This is a waste of water and energy - resources which are limited. 

So, we had the thought, instead of disposing of these products, why are we not repurposing these materials to serve future uses? 

We are now in a technological age where we can dream bigger, think outside the box and use materials we could never have dreamt of using before. With this in mind, we feel very strongly about creating classic styles and not seasonal trends. It is a must that all our designs are developed ethically from eco-friendly, repurposed, vegan materials.

Using these materials and practices have less of an impact on the environment, from manufacturing to purchasing. 

To further this goal we have also aligned with One Tree Planted, and for every pair of shoes sold, we will plant a pair of trees around the world to assist in reforestation.