Our commitment is not only to design tran-seasonal footwear for your wardrobe, but to use materials that are recycled, reused, or repurposed. We are now in a technological age where we can dream bigger, think outside the box and use materials we could never have dreamt of using before.

With this in mind, we feel very strongly about creating classic styles and not seasonal trends. Indeed, we are extremely passionate about sustainable fashion. It is a must that all our designs are developed from eco-friendly, recycled products. That have less of an impact on the environment from manufacturing to purchasing. This is why we decided every pair of shoes sold, we will plant a pair of trees with One Tree Planted.


Conscious Creations 

Getting our designs to the market has been a process. With many highs and lows, we have worked with companies all over the world to find the exact materials and developed numerous samples. However, we took the time and not rushed the process, because we wanted our designs and packaging to be made from 100% recycled products.

We are relentlessly working to create timeless designs out of repurposed, innovative material, that will eventually reduce the amount of water and energy to produce a pair of shoes. 

Our designs and packaging are developed from recycled vegan leather, recycled rubber, recycled boxes and dead-stock fabric. The combination of these elements creates a plastic free company. 


Sustainable Goals

Our mission is to change how we manufacture apparel and footwear in this country.

Just like wondering what ingredients are in a recipe, we want to educate the market and show our community what their shoes are really made of, and how they can reduce their environmental footprint by considering what they purchase. 

Importantly, we don’t want to just stop there. We are looking to give back where ever we can. Going forward, we are collaborating with some talented brands to build awareness and spread the love to charities that are protecting the planet, so we can continually wander the world. 

Our goals for the future are to become a carbon-neutral company, align with a charity to donate a portion of our profits and to continually discover new techniques and materials to create recycled footwear. 

So, as we invent, educate and grow our business we ask you to be a part of this brand. Whether it is a like, comment, purchase, collaboration, we want to hear about it!