Ethical + Sustainable

We have worked with companies all over the world to find the exact materials to develop our signature styles. We take the time to consciously create footwear, because we wanted our designs and packaging to be made from 100% eco-friendly, recycled and vegan materials.

The reason for this? Have you ever seen where all the water goes after it is used in production?

While working in an industry full of creative and talented people, you get swept up in the beauty of it all - there is magic in the design room as collections are formed.

However, once you have seen inside a factory, it is not something you can easily forget. 

Therefore, it is super important for us to develop products using reused, repurposed, and recycled materials. 

Unfortunately, convenience is overrunning the planet and when people hear the word ‘sustainable’ they instantly think expensive, but is it really? Our mission is to change how we manufacture footwear.

Alongside these environmental values, Lost Sols also abide by the Business Social Compliance Initiative standards for the workplace. This certification ensures us that the offshore production team is treated ethically, paid fairly, and their workers’ rights are respected in a safe environment.

People + Plant

We believe people and our planet should work together. As an ethically sustainable footwear brand, it is our responsibility to assist in this journey of support and preservation.

Further, we have also aligned with Share the DignityUpparel, and One Tree Planted. As these organisations embody shared values with the Lost Sols brand. 

Share The Dignity

Starting with her local community in 2015, Share the Dignity’s founder, Rochelle Courtenay, distributed sanitary items to homeless shelters after noticing women were going without the essentials during their menstrual cycles. She has now grown this charity to be nationwide, with a collective of 5,000 volunteers. Share the Dignity has donated over 2,000,000 pads and tampons, 4,487 menstrual cups, and 517,918 bags to women in need across Australia. This amazing organisation has been inspiring us for years, and we are so grateful for the campaigns we have created with them.

One Tree Planted

Known as the oldest ecosystem on the planet, rainforests cover 6% of the Earth's surface and are home to half the world's plants and animals. Unfortunately, due to deforestation our planet is seeing an increase in greenhouse gases, a disruption in the regular water cycle and a loss of 70% of its plants and animals. This also results in soil erosion and coastal flooding.

We believe to preserve the planet; we need to work together with our environment. The Fashion industry has been dramatically impacting the environment for years. As climate change is the front of mind in every step of our brand, it naturally made sense to align with a charity that’s purpose is to restore our environment.

With every pair of shoes sold in store, we plant a pair of trees with One Tree Planted, to help with reforestation throughout the world.


We have always been mindful with our footwear creations. From the manufacturing process to the materials we select, we choose ethically cruelty free processes that have less of an impact on the planet. However, the design journey does come with an element of waste. As we need to develop multiple samples to perfect our styles.

So, what happens with all these trialled shoe samples? We have partnered with Australia’s Leading Textile Recycler - Upparel.

Certified B-Corp and Sustainability Champions, Upparel will take all our sample stock and recycle these items into yoga mats, rubber flooring, and gym mats.

Thus, making Lost Sols a circular company as we divert products from landfill and further reduce our c02 emissions.