Hendry Sandals


The Hendry Sandals are a nod to your outgoing style which you never wish to suppress. They will make you feel bold and beautiful as you slip them on. Couple them with a dress or jeans, this style completes your outfit for the day!

Made from recycled rubber and recycled vegan leather. Using these elements creates a shoe that is four times more durable than your average pair of sandals, uses 80% less water during manufacturing and lowers our company’s carbon footprint by 70%.  


  • Recycled vegan leather straps
  • Chuncky recycled rubber soles
  • Three strap sandal with a metal buckle

Customers Thoughts:

"The sandals are amazing! I was scared my feet were going to be too wide but after I messaged you on instagram about the sizing I was confident they would fit and they fit perfectly. They’re super lightweight and easy to slip on to work or to the beach, I can basically wear them anywhere. 

Thank you so much for developing shoes that fit all feet and are made with love for the customer and the planet."  - Anna V

"I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love my sandals. I wore them all day at work (office job but lots of standing and rushing around) and my feet and back didn’t hurt at all. They are super comfy and look awesome." - Claire A

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